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PLEASE For the love of all Ninja, put them in the right folders. If you don't know where to put it or would like to request a folder, Ask! :D

NOTE: Put any Canon Character Art in the 'Featured' folder

Please, admins, if you want to post something on the blog, ask the founder first.

Here's some need to know info:

This group will accept anything from:
:bulletgreen: Commissions *WITH ARTIST PERMISSION*
:bulletgreen: Sketches
:bulletgreen: Digital artwork
:bulletgreen: Traditional artwork
:bulletgreen: Lineart
:bulletgreen: Decent base art (please make it look like it's better then 2 minutes in MS Paint)
:bulletgreen: Literature
:bulletgreen: Collabs
:bulletgreen: OC sheets
:bulletgreen: You don't have to add art to be a member! Join away!

:bulletyellow: If you have anything that shows dirty scenes or more skin then some people are used to seeing, Make sure it has a mature content warning on it and submit to the 'Mature Content 18 Over Only' folder

What will not be tolerated:
:bulletred: Bullying or Harassing. Take it elsewhere guys. This isn't a hockey rink
:bulletred: Taking pics of Canon characters and MS Painting over certain features and claiming it's an OC
:bulletred: Takin Canon character lineart and coloring them differently and claiming it is an OC. The phrase 'OC' means Original Character. Not Copy Character.
:bulletred: Taking another OC from an artist and claiming it as your own. That is art theft guys, A big no-no.
:bulletred: No hardcore hetero, yaoi, or yurri please (sex scenes). There are other groups that will be glad to take that art. Kissing is fine and holding each other is okay.

If you have any questions, don't be scared to ask.

Gallery Folders

Rock Village Ninja
deviation in storage by Sad-Reaper
deviation in storage by Sad-Reaper
OCxOC OCxCanon Fight Scenes
Group Pictures
Literature Fanfic
Mature Content 18 and over only


This collection does not have any deviations yet!


Hello my name is Candeh and I am one of the Co-Founders of the Village Gazette. I have been interested in doing a Naruto Comic book for sometime now, but I need people who are interested in joining the story. It’s going to be another universe story and different rules will apply

I’m hopping a lot of people join the raffle that I am going to make to accept people into the story.

The raffle will have 5 categories. These categories will include:

-Anbu Level Ninja
-Jōnin Level Ninja
-Chūnin Level Ninja
-Genin Level Ninja
-Rouge Level Ninja


Each of them will have ten slots, which will total fifty characters. In order to participate in this Raffle you need to be responsible for the following:

1. You must watch me for updates on the comic and to keep up with the story
2. You must advertise this journal and link it on the comment when you participate
3. One character per person
4. Must apply for one of the categorize
5. Must link a reference picture on the comment when you participate
6. Please ensure that if you win you will be need to active and kept up with me
7. Follow this format for participation:
-Reference Sheet:
-Journal Link:


Please, understand that the Rules from the original Manga will be considered.
I will also be posting up rules about the Universe.
1. Former Jinchuriki will be added along with another few. Only selected few will be added and their powers will be sealed. You will not be able to use the Jinchuriki’s power right away in the comic and I will let you know when the character will use it.
2. This is a story based around my characters life and her friends not just a specific character.  
3. Forbidden and original Jutsu’s will be allowed
4. Creative Jutsu’s can be created but please don’t make them OP this includes clan Jutsu’s as well and Kekei Genkai
5. Original clans will not be allowed this is another universe with a different plot.
6. Be creative with your clan, not everyone’s family is killed and only one remains.
7. Clan marking will have to be approved by me.
8. The original five countries will be included along with the side countries and maybe 2 new once that will be described later on.
9. Character’s who will turn to the wrong side basically become rouge must be approved by me first and have a reason why.
10. Yes, there will be a group; yes, their name is the Akatsuki. I will create those ninja’s and their techniques. If a rouge ninja decides to join the Akatsuki, you will need my approval.

Anymore questions you can contact me via deviantArt note

The deadline for applications will be on:
September 1, 2013

Mark your calendars <3
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NejiRenji15 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Question: If our oc isn't part of a village and is not a member of the Akatsuki, what folder would they go in?
CoCoKitty77 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2012  Student Artist
I believe it would be under "OC sheets"
Lifes-Lovely-Roses Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2012
Unknown Village Ninja :)
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